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Top 5 Tips for your New Team Member’s First Day

  • 28 Apr 2018
  • The Scribe
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First Day

Top 5 Tips for your New Team Member’s First Day


We’ve found you the right candidate; they’ve said yes – now what!

Welcoming your new team member and ensuring a smooth transition can be the difference between  a great hire, and a bad decision.

Here are the top 5 things you need to know to ensure your new starter loves your workplace:

  1. Make an Announcement

You’ve found the perfect person to join your workplace – don’t keep it a secret! Announce to your organisation (or at least your team!). Be sure also to let your colleagues know a bit of background information such as who the person is, what role they will be undertaking and the reason why they were hired. Help your colleagues make a connection to the new team member instead of having them feel like a mid-year transfer to a new school!

  1. Communicate Rules and Company Culture Clearly

Communicate the rules, housekeeping, and company culture of your team and workplace in a brief on the first morning. No matter how straightforward something may seem, don’t assume that the new person already has an understanding of what is expected of them. Also explain any jargon which is frequently used in your workplace. This helps put an end to the guesswork and allows the new worker to integrate into the company’s values and norms while knowing how they can fit in and be successful.


  1. Keep it Light and Fun

The first day at a new job can often be information overload, with the majority of things going in one ear and out the other, and the new person afraid to ask the same questions over and over.

It’s very important to make the onboarding process as engaging and fun as possible. This will help for information to be retained and to create a positive atmosphere right away. Consider a morning tea or lunch to welcome the new person which will help to make the process more engaging and encourage group participation while allowing friendships to develop.


  1. Appoint a Mentor

A one on one mentoring program can be more beneficial than just a formal welcoming to the company. Often a mentor has been in the organisation for an extended period of time, so can offer some inside knowledge and insight into the culture. It also allows the new team member to feel comfortable to ask questions which they may not wish to ask their manager or supervisor.

  1. Cover the Small Stuff

Things you take for granted, are often confusing for someone when they first start out. Be sure to address things such as where are the bathrooms? How do you transfer calls and dial an outside line? Where is the lunch room? What time are breaks taken? It’s all about the little things.

By breaking everything down into smaller steps, it gives the best chance for important information to be retained, and will increase the likelihood of a smooth transition.