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Temporary Staffing Solutions for Your Business

  • 03 May 2018
  • The Scribe
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Hiring temporary staff offers many advantages and solutions for your business for a variety of different reasons.

Here are 5 of the most important:

  1. Flexibility

As your business needs change over time, temporary employees provide flexibility to keep staffing levels at an optimal level, while also allowing you to reduce your overall staffing costs. Sometimes there may be unexpected peaks, or growth in workload to keep up with market trends. Instead of keeping your permanent employees overworked and stressed, you can utilise the services of temporary workers which ensures your regular staff keep their productivity high without burning out.

  1. Extra Help For Busy Periods

Temporary staff provide the ideal solution for busy periods, allowing you to get extra help to meet an increased workload, without having to employ permanent staff members who wouldn’t be optimized throughout the entire work year. Temporary staff have an advantage of being able to be brought in during large projects or peak times, provide their expert assistance to get the work finished, and then to finish up, allowing the business to return to normal and carry on with day to day operations.

  1. Make Sure They Suit The Culture

Perhaps you want to add permanent staff to your company but are not sure how they will perform or adapt to the company culture. Hiring temporary staff members for a trial period gives you the chance to try out how they will cope in real-world scenarios. It also lets you see if their skills are up to par and if they have a compatible personality to adapt to the job.

There is usually an additional fee charged by temporary agencies for hiring one of their workers permanently, but in the long run, it can become highly beneficial and save both time and money, particularly if you blindly hired the wrong person yourself.

  1. Cover Vacancy Periods

Often companies are in the process of advertising and filling a vacancy, have a staff member on long service leave or maternity leave, or are waiting for a new hire to start. During this time, the job duties still need to be performed and covered and can often overburden other staff members. Temporary staff are the perfect solution to keep things running day to day until the new person commences.

  1. Managing Cash Flow

Temporary staffing solutions provide an ideal opportunity to manage your cash flow and be in charge of your finances. Instead of having permanent staff employed year round even during the quiet periods, you can be in full control of your cash flow, and only have staff on hand when there is outstanding work available, or only during the busy times of the day, increasing efficiency and potentially saving thousands of dollars each year in saved wages.

Making your temporary staff feel welcome and treated with respect will ensure they complete work to the highest possible standard and can be highly rewarding for both employer and the temp worker.