Recruiting in the Covid-19 Environment

The frustration of recruiting in the Covid environment

We are all hearing the catch-phrase “We’re all in it together!”

Simple words that mean different things to different people. Our views are shaped by current events from Black Lives Matter to the views expressed on Social Media platforms, the press and interactions with friends, and family.

Our community is now stratifying: At the top of the pyramid are those who have secure, well paid jobs; followed by those who receive payments though their employers for JobKeeper or though social welfare. At the bottom are those do do not have the opportunity to draw on these payments, life is hand-to-mouth.

While there are jobs available, there is a desperate shortage of suitable candidate to fill the positions advertised.

Our experience in the job market shows us that the only people applying for jobs are only looking and applying for jobs to see what is on offer or people who are desperate and will do anything to earn money. Unfortunately the latter don’t usually have the skills or experience need for the job.

A single advertisement may attract scores of applications. However, after screening the applications, there are few that meet the job requirements and they do not respond to telephone call or emails to move their applications forward.

Recruiters are going out of their minds with the lack of serious applicants who meet the job requirements. Roles from middle management, clerical, trades-people and process workers are unfilled.

So please, while we gulp endless cups of coffee to calm our nerves and think new of new ways of attracting applicants. Please don’t raise our expectations by sending us applications for jobs that you have no intention of pursuing. All this does is muddy the waters for genuine applicants and increase time we spend following up job applications with applicants who gnore our telephone calls and emails.