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Hope to help you find a role where you are well connected

Our team at The Personnel Connection will do our very best to connect you to a suitable position at a company you will enjoy. It’s our pleasure to help you find this one, made easier as each one of us here, so enjoy what we do.

Now let’s start working together by:

Submitting your resume and noting our candidate tips

 Your resume

  • Forward a copy of your most updated resume by email to:
  • A cover letter is both important and useful for your Consultant as your job search together begins, explaining for example:
    • Any particular role or field of interest
    • Geographic location where it will be more convenient for you to work
    • Contact details, and preferred time for us to call should you still be working
  • You will receive a confirmation email from us once we have received your resume
  • Upon receipt of your resume it will be considered, then retained on our database and reviewed by our Recruitment Team as roles become available
  • Please do let us know should you find a role, so we can wish you well, and remove your resume from our database
  • Please note not all roles are posted on this vacancy page as our Recruitment Team will offer them first to candidates already on our database
  • As we start to work together, on-going communication between us is important, stressing the need for you to respond to any messages we leave, SMS’s or emails


Useful candidate tips

  • How to make the job interview work for you
  • Writing an effective resume
  • Quick resume tips
    • Watch the length of your resume – it must not be too long
    • Your cover page is important. It must introduce your application well
    • Don’t offer reasons for leaving your last position
    • Explain gaps in employment
    • Customise your resume for the position you are applying for
    • Don’t include Referee contacts on your resume
    • Check your spelling
    • Minimise the number of fonts, paragraphs and headings, so that your application looks neat


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