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Candidate Shortage continues!

Candidate stortage continues to be the biggest hurdle to increasing employment.

We are finding that the new reason given for not wanting a job is “We’re waiting until next year to start looking!” The problem candidates now face is when they return to the job market, they have a gap on their resume.

For some candidates who haven’t worked since March, this is a serious impediment to resuming a career. Clients look at resumes and the “gap” and are not confident in the candidates commitment to work and leaves a doubt as to weather the candidate is only marking time before they get a better offer.

For candidates who have a well established employment record, there probably will not be a gap however, such gaps can be worked through without too much dificulty.

For those candidates who have a lot of movement between jobs the opportunities becom limited as employers ponder the cost of training and how long will the candidate stay in the role before getting itchy feet again.

I leave you with these thoughts to ponder.

Good luck for your jobsearch.