The Personnel Connection grew from a need to generate income. Lynda, who started the business, was an immigrant from South Africa. Arriving in Australia and not knowing the culture and having no “local” experience, she found it difficult to find a job where she felt comfortable.

In South Africa, she was a recruitment consultant working for agencies in Johannesburg and Cape Town before joining a large manufacturing company as a senior Human Resource Manager, responsible for recruitment. A position she held for nine years before moving to Australia with her family.

Having been in recruitment since leaving University, Lynda and a partner established The Personnel Connection providing recruitment services for both permanent and temporary staff.

Starting in an office in Hornsby with the Yellow Pages and a telephone, the cold calling started. Soon building up a modest client base, some of these clients still support the business today.

Growth was slow, her business partner lost faith and left the business. Lynda persevered and started to hire staff to manage the growth.

At the time there was only one recruitment agency in Hornsby who retired and so began the growth of the business.

We now service clients in Manufacturing, distribution and services with clients stretching from the Northern Beaches to Blacktown.

Throughout the time Lynda has been in recruitment the focus has been on:

  • matching the best candidates to the job;
  • providing personal attention to clients and candidates; and
  • providing a service at an affordable price.

Now having celebrated being in business since 2000 and moving into our twenty-first year this focus has not changed.